I mentioned last volume that Iโ€™d be shifting to something different for the next volume-or-two-or-three, and I am shifting to showcasing examples from different early-web websites, and introducing them with a little bit of historical context in each.

Many of these personal websites (and their communities) have been lost to time like tears in the rain. These reasons are varied: some were removed intentionally, while others were sold, shutdown or transferred indefinitely. Because some of them relied on server-side technology for search and retrieval, uncovering them today becomes difficult (the content is there, but bringing it to the surface requires prodding and digging).

This volume contains some oversharing and some moderate sharing, a coupleโ€™s page and not-so-couples page, poetry, and a belated Valentineโ€™s Day wishlist.

Hope you enjoy this variation on the theme, inspired partially by personal temporary time constraints and partially by needing more submissions from YOU. I am still very much collecting submissions for a triumphant return to the traditional webzine format, so please please please submit!!!