Some Match Stories

To follow up on the previous entry on, here is an example of a subdomain partnership. This partnership was formed at some point with, a service for people to admit their feelings towards each other anonymously but get connected (or have the messages deduced) if there is a match. There seems to have been several partnerships forged with during this time, some of which were successful and some which were less successful. In the Y2K frenzied euphoria of people coming online for the first time, websites sought to find ways to fund themselves to carry on existing through deals with businesses seeking to profit off this new media space. This page is a somewhat different vibe from the overall gURL aesthetic (which can be seen in the banner at the top of the page) but still fits in the overall theme of girlhood – romance, secrets, and the internet. Below are some of their testimonials.

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Some Match Stories

Does this site work? Absolutely! Thousands of people have matched through, and here are some of their stories. (By the way, if you have a SecretAdmirer match story you would like to share, we’d love to hear it.) heart

“I had just reciently gotten in touch with my highschool sweetheart and given her my email address. We wrote snail mail to each other and the flames began to rekindle. I was thinking about making the 20 hour drive from my home to where she said she lived, when I recieved this secretadmirer email. I could only hope it was her, so I responded and got a match! Now, I am going to ask her to marry me. I believe she will say yes.” heart

“Hello there. I was one of the people that found a match through your site. It was actually quite simple how it happened. My friend received a secret admirer message on her email system. I had just spent the weekend in Vancouver with an old friend of hers, Sparky, and we grew pretty close. When I heard about my friend’s secret admirer, I decided to send one off to my Vancouver buddy. The next day, I received an email saying that Sparky had figured me out, and I was no longer secret!!! I was amazed! He called me that night. That was over a month ago, and we’ve been dating ever since!!! It was a great way to find out if he felt the same way about me, but stay anonymous at the same time, thank you secret admirer service!!!” heart

” The months previous to me finding I had my eye on this cute colege girl in the comp. lab I work at, I was on my break and stumbled upon SA and decided to send her one. I was starting to think that she haden’t gotten it, when I got the match. When I asked her about it she said that she had only sent one, and that she was hoping that it was me, if it wasn’t she hoped I would guess her. we have been going out ever since this happened, and life is great with us, work will never be the same.” heart

“First of all, I want to say a big “Thanks” for setting up “Secret admirer” My Girlfriend and I got together because of it, your idea about is really great, as it helps two souls who are in love to discover the love between them. Thanks a lot again!~ Ok this how our story goes… After seeing your site, My girlfriend decided to sent me a mail from “Secret”. The moment I received it, I was hoping that it might be from her, although I did suspect that it might be a prank from my friends. But I went ahead to reply to her. Within a day, the reply came, and at that very moment, when I realized that she too was sharing the same feeling as me. I was over the moon.” heart

“Yup, my ‘partner’ “found” me ,and we’ll happily together now. U see, he’s studying right now in Australia, and we were colleagues before when we were in secondary 3. In fact, we’re a rather young couple—he’s 21 and i’m 18. Just back 2 months, i’ve got his e-mail address thru my classmate, so we started e-mailing over the net. It became a veri special sort of friendship, and the feelings just grew stronger each and everyday. But we weren’t sure abt whether the other party likes the other, so i took the initiative to send him that secretadmirer message . Seems like he reciprociated my feelings for him by “identifying” with me over the e-mail, and has called me all the way from Australia to ask me to be his girl.”

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