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An article in The Cut describes the significance and timing of as “in the millennial limbo between Sassy and Rookie.” The site is still live today, although under completely different management from the founding innovating/entrepreneuring graduate school students and with a different aesthetic from 90s cut-and-paste zine culture. gURL was earnest and honest and open – a perfect representation of the web in the 90s. Girls learned about sex for the first time in a healthy way, could discuss serious teen girl problems like depression and eating disorders, and generally bond and hang out in a space that prioritizes their feelings.

This page goes a little too far in the open naiveté of the web, with the author publishing her full address, part of her phone number, ICQ number, and a strong invitation to meet offline.

Archived page


HEY!!!Welcome to my oh so KEWL page!I finally got time to work on it so YAY!

Well I guess I should you a little bit about myself…since this page is about me.I live in a crappy town in Louisiana…And I go to a crappy private school.I play basketball and run track for my school and I high school rodeo for Louisiana.I have very little social when i’m not at school,at a rodeo,or on the computer.I’m never home so I dont really need one.So if you live in Louisiana and you high school rodeo email me and we can meet sometime.All my friends are in high school rodeo so i’m not lonely when I go to one.

Oh for all you guys out there…I AM SINGLE.But I dont like to have cyber relationships so if you live in Louisiana it might could work out.In case any of you are wondering what I look like i’ll tell you…i am about 5`5,i have red hair,green eyes,and some people say the perfect body but I totally disagree on that.I have a picture but something messed up and I cant put it on here so if you want one email me or send me an icq and i’ll send you one through that.Ok?Ok.