Welcome to Volume V of Internet Girlfriend Club. Hmm, I think the major themes of this volume are serious ROCKIN’ and ROLLING and serious reflections on the fleeting significant moments in our lives and other people’s lives. This volume really relishes in youthfulness, even the awkward parts. Regarding platforms, we have BBS, blogging, AIM, Furcadia and optical media via physical mail (I assume). Also, I can’t believe it took until Chapter 5 for furries to make their appearance in this web-zine. And we truly haven’t had enough teen heartthrobs, so I’m very happy that has been rectified.

Chapter 4, you’ll see, features a playlist. If you read these volumes in bulk and want to bop along to the sweet sounds of 2002, you can preemptively load it up on Spotify here. This is pretty much exactly what I was downloading on SoulSeek and ‘scrobbling in the early 2000s. Although, for Chapter 3, maybe this jam is better-suiting.

The last chapter came to my inbox mysteriously (via the anonymous submission form) and I’m curious if we’ll see the story continue. If you sent this in and you are reading this: I want to know! We want to know!

I’d really like to hear some narratives based around NeoPets or DeviantArt! Do you have anything or know anyone? The CFP is always open!

Your editor, Ashley