Rebecca and Clive

Author: Clive

I first spoke to Rebecca in the summer of 2002, when we were 16. Back then, I thought she was a 28 year old man called Frank. kool We were both big time Kool-Aid packet collectors, or “koollectors” as we called ourselves, and we met in a chat room dedicated to hunting down rare Kool-Aid flavors. kool “Frank” was one of the only people in the United States who had a case of mint condition Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid. I had one of the missing pieces in his collection (an original Golden Nectar pack from the 1960s) so we decided to trade. kool Frank seemed like an incredible person, and we got along right away. It was only after we’d been chatting for 4 months that I found out I wasn’t talking to “Frank” at all. I was talking to Rebecca, a girl my own age. kool Like many women who enjoy male dominated hobbies, she’d been hit on by many creepy guys, so she decided to pose as an older man…. kool


Editor’s note: I think this means “To Be Continued.” Will it be continued? We’ll both have to wait and see!