Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy there,

It’s been 15 months since Volume 10 hit the web and almost exactly five years since this zine popped into existence! I have a good foundation for rolling up Volume 12 and a few leads, but I can only make new volumes if you spread the word, submit stories, or beg your friends to go through their personal archives and submit something/anything!

Did the recent Neopets data breach trigger a distant memory? Have your parents gone through a decluttering phase and asked you to retrieve your internet pen pal letters? Is the “indie sleaze” revival taking you back to the days of uploading pictures from a digital camera?

Okay, that’s enough pleading. And thank you to everyone who has submitted something over these past 5 years. Onto this edition!

This volume is a bit of a rollercoaster. Maybe one of those old wooden ones that really swing you around. We’ve got a big bit of Beatle-mania (and you might learn some new things), some troubling thoughts and/or actions, a hilarious tale to cut through your heart, and some confounding parallels between real life and garfield. Like most volumes, there’s always at least one misunderstanding. Finally, there’s so much left unsaid and you’ll have to use your imagination and wonder what happened.


Your editor, Ashley