Hello hello hello!

Wow, Volume 10 of Internet Girlfriend Club is here, just in time for Brood X to infiltrate our aural space this Spring. In some ways, it’s surprising that this zine has made it to Volume 10, and at the same time I am still as greedy and hungry as ever to hunt down stories from this short-lived internet era. So thank you to everybody who has submitted something in the past– I hope that Volume 11 will be only just around the corner.

If you’re looking for some other thoughts on this era, I caught this Interview with Charli XCX and Jia Tolentino that touches on Angelfire, MySpace, early private-not-private journals, and the concept of performance.

Hmm, there isn’t a clear theme in this volume. We have a mix of stories and primary sources here and I’m not able to come up with a specific theme. There’s the tension between online and offline, some longing and listening, sweet misunderstoods of youth, and a hi-how-are-you email. There’s a very nice longform journey heavily involving online discovery of self and identity, and a short commentary on teen love.

Please please submit your stories or MSN messenger logs or printed-out angelfire sites, or encourage your friends, family, enemies, and everyone else around you to do the same! As always, I beg you!

Your editor, Ashley