Tale from a Runescape Noob

Author: Char Stiles

a knight approaches

knight and lady

I was on Runescape, a medieval-themed low-poly MMORPG and a fellow wearing a knight helmet and some plain clothes asked to be my boyfriend. Now, I knew I was a noob, I was very skeptical. There wasn’t much special to me:


Name: yoodoo95 (does someone born in 95 qualify as a millennial?)
Level: 10 (or around there)
Cool stuff that one can buy with IRL money: None


knight and lady knight walking

Though I was a run-of-the-mill player in all ways, there was something small inside me that said he saw something in me that no one else could. So I agreed. This fellow was my Runescape boyfriend. I think he gave me a sword. He promptly got his friend, and they told me about the treasure in the outskirts. I felt like this was fishy because that was where players could kill each other. You can probably see where this is going. I kept running back, being too scared to proceed but then him and his friend kept telling me to trust them. Well, they killed me and took all my stuff. Jokes on them, I didn’t have anything cool. Though, I was still angry that I was tricked, in the regeneration zone I keyboard mashed to express my anger. I told my mother because I was like 10, she looked at my keyboard mashing and took that to be cursing, I think it’s because Runescape stars out curse words, or anything close to it and the keyboard mash created some stars. I wasn’t allowed to play Runescape henceforward.

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