Classic Fantasy Series You Gotta Read

Author: Jelly

In this era of my life, I used perfect punctuation for everything. It made me feel smart and mature.

For example:

Does your wife know that you spend so much time talking to a 15 year old girl online?

The answer was no. I didn’t have any follow-up questions because I didn’t know what I wanted to know when I asked the initial question. I wasn’t fishing for anything more and I wasn’t looking for anything less. We were friends. We talked about books, mostly, and not in a “light of my life, fire in my loins” type of way. He mailed me multiple books, new and old.

The relationship still felt confusing to me. I didn’t understand how I could merit attention from anybody. It felt like we were both passing time in an airport. My question had been passively hanging in the air above my head for weeks or months. I think the root of my question was something like: Was I doing something bad even though I didn’t know it was bad?

I still don’t know.