Volume 2 of Internet Girlfriend Club is here and (at the risk of being very gender-essentialist, forgive me), this volume is all about BOYS BOYS BOYS!!! Chapters include…

🚨 Reminder! 🚨 🚨 I rely on you, dear readers, to feed me with more stories! If you know me IRL and have talked to me about this AFK, you’ve seen the frenzied but focused look in my eyes, the potentially-almost-literally frothing-at-the-mouth enthusiasm, hungry for MORE MORE MORE. Share the CFP with others, beg your friends to contribute (as I have been doing, essentially non-stop), cold-email your long-lost internet friends and beg them to write about you! More short snippets of chat logs are welcome, too! They are rare delights.

Give it up for THE BOYS, THE BOYS!

Your la-la-loving editor, Ashley