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Author: Cole
Author’s notes: Email from my best friend at the time (April 5, 2005) to me, maybe in reference to a right wing website we found. I’m glad I’ve been fighting religious zealots since my early teens.

pepe hi, after reaidng your site, i must say i am completely repulsed. To be honest, i have a few questions… what’s the point of being good, if god (or jesus or whoever you believe makes that decision) will forgive you as long as you ask for forgiveness…it’s saying that everything is redeemable, yet you continuously condemn people for minor “sins,” like rock music. pepe Somehow in your minds, are you trying to convince me that rock music and committing murder are equal in “evil” content? Somehow, this does not make sense to me. I’d also like to point out that many statitstics in your comics are inaccurate (ex: condoms work 99% of the time, not 85%), they also leave out many facts. pepe I would also like to add (to those of you still reading this) that the scenarios are untrue, and characters are made out to be more cruel or gullible than in real life. Please remember that these stories are made up. pepe Being gay is not a choice someone make, therefore it can not be a sin. I’d also like to ask how evolution can possibly be less accurate than science. The bible was written centuries ago by humans, who are flawed. It also has noncorresponding dates. And, no one was alive during the time of Adam and Eve. pepe Evolution, however, makes sense to the human mind and can be mostly proven. While evoltion may not be entirely accurate, it comes pretty close. pepe Also, flowers and other parts of nature are beautiful because a) symmetrical plant forms make it easier to ditribute nutrients and get sunlight and be balanced and b) to have your much hated SEX. Have a nice life, and afterlife, if that is what you believe.


ps i wanted to add stuff too, like
if abortion is murder, why is it okay to have an abortion from rape and incest? isnt it still murder? are you saying 2 sins make a right? and someting more about gays, but if orget what, lol tata