pumpkin lights

🎃 Oh! Welcome! To a sp o o oO O Oo oo o oky edition of ~*Internet Girlfriend Club*~!! I’m so happy to have made it to Volume 3 on a per-monthly basis and am already looking forward to continuing with Volume 4 next month (in which I promise to give an embarrassing part of myself to you, readers). Contribute!!!

In anticipation of the ʎɐpᴉloɥ, this volume contains many TREATS arriving to greet us in corporeal form as primary sources, including a one-sided AIM (RIP) chat log and three(!) from early-2000s Livejournal: teen goth interests, a visual excerpt, and a full excerpt. Rare treats, and extra spooky because they arrived anonymously! In addition to these fun-size treats, we also have some candy apples: the first chapter in this Volume is a long and passionate email sent from a self-described vampire to a 15-year-old looking for romance, which was later sent to me. In the middle of the Volume, Chapter 3, we also have a strong personal narrative, perhaps better understood as a horror story, from someone who is probably happy that AIM is dead. May it never become undead, undead, undead.

🎃 🎃 🎃 , Ashley 🥀