Just browsing

Author: K. G.

When I was a kid, we didn’t have the internet at home. note My mom would drop me off at the public library and I would use the internet there. note There was a special room set up with eight computers. note It was a room with glass on three sides so that the librarian could see what we are doing. note I would check my email or just “surf”. note One time when I was at the library using the computer, note there was a man using the computer next to me. note He had moved the browser window to make it one long thin line and he was scrolling very slowly. note He was looking at porn but only through a tiny window so he wouldn’t get caught. note He saw me looking at his screen and knew I was looking at him look at porn, note so he tried to stare at me but I did not look in his direction again. note I wanted to move but you have to wait to use a computer, note so I didn’t and I kept browsing until my two hours were up, note trying to not look in that direction again.