It's the internet that I love

Author: Anonymous

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I still remember my first time seeing the internet. I was staying with my aunt and my cousin was sitting along in the dark in the family room. I was playing a scooby doo game on the sega and drinking Gatorade ice blue flavor, which was new at the time. Or at least new to me. I asked him what he was going on the computer and he said he was talking to people. I was nine years old. I loved it. I wanted to sit next to him for hours watching him type, and I didn’t have the social skills to realize he definitely didn’t want his 9 year old cousin lurking in on his 15 year old AOL chat conversations. I dreamt about the internet that night. It’s cheesy but it’s true. I remember everything so vividly, sleeping on an overly stuffed and frilly bed, feeling very small in it but thinking about how big the internet must be, to be able to talk to anyone in the world