HotBot: Yeah Right

HotBot Pages is a third example of a Lycos/WhoWhere-owned site offering email and homepages to anyone who signs up. But before offering email and homepages, HotBot was a search engine fighting along with Altavista and Yahoo! to move content onto their domain and monetize through advertising and popups. This early proto-blog is, I think, a nice example of the pattern of people trying something new and throwing their thoughts out there on the internet.

Archived page

Hello, and welcome. This is my first attempt at a webpage, obviously, so please bear with me! I keep getting ideas about what I want to do, but still haven’t figured it out. I have recently been inspired to get more involved with this from a friend of mine. Now, it is time.

March 6, 2000

Lovely New York is at it again. The last few days have been tasing us with a certain sense of an approaching Spring. It just gets really cold after the sun goes down for the evening. So much is happening. I have a job that I love, I no longer live with my boyfriend. In fact, I no longer have the boyfriend. It is good. It is hard. I am happy, and I am sad. I’ve been through this before, but somehow it’s not easier, like other things with practice. His pictures are still on this site, until I have more time to change that, so who cares anyway? I hope that we can be friends one day, yeah right. Even if I meant that, he wouldn’t believe me, why should he? Oh well. Life. I love New York, I just wish I could bring all the ones I love here to be with me. I haven’t made it home yet. I will by the end of April. My sister is having a baby in a couple of weeks. That will be really cool. I will be an aunt. My friends and family are becoming more important to me than ever. I have realized that I have been running from my family and home for so many years. I have been running towards something that I thought would bring me happiness. Sometimes it has, but nothing compares to the love that my family has offered. My true friends are the same in my heart. I love them as a member of my own family. I must go, but I will be back. Please send me any thoughts you have on your experiences with friends and family versus the urge to travel and leave the safety-net they offer…