DogHousePages: spunky_botch diary

“The Doghouse is the number one rated morning radio show in San Francisco. They made a deal with Lycos to offer free homepages for their members.”

A crass radio talkshow is an interesting media collaboration for Lycos to partner with and offer free webpages. The site itself is nondescript, and the only connection to the talkshow is a link at the top of the page and potentially a deep reading of the taxonomy that members would categorize themselves by. But it seemed to have been short-lived, and shut down in December 2000. Here’s an excerpt from the “diaries” section that goes into anonymity and complexity of distant relationships online.

Archived page

11/21/00~ It’s happening…I’m crashing and hardcore…I just bawled my eyes out for the last 20 min over some kid in a fucking chat room that I barely even talk to. He has some sort of obsession with my screen names and treats me different with each one..he pretends they are different people. And this one, love will tear us apart, he liked most..and I guess he didn’t realise it was me or whatever, and was being so nice…then after he knew it was me, (eventhough I had told him it was me before) said that he wanted to die…and basically said he likes my screen name..he refers to it as ‘that girl’ he refuses to realise that I’m a real fucking person…I dunno..its hard to explain without making him seem like a total freak, which hes not, but it just hurts that he really could care less about ME as a person…it made me realise that no one online probably gives a fuck about me as a real person not just a name on a screen…I know its rediculous that I just think this now…but some people make it seem so real…and it is to me…I sincerely care about these people…I don’t even know why…because I bet most of them could give 2 shits about me… YOU have a life I bet outside this computer screen…you probably have friends that really care, and family that isnt all fucked up… maybe not..I don’t know but I know that when you stop reading this entry, turn off your comp and walk away…I no longer exist to you…you are in the real probably have a job…and other things to do besides think about some name on a screen with a fucked up emotional bitch behind it…lucky fucking you! ********************************************