Submission Guidelines

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Internet Girlfriend Club is seeking former Generation Y2K internet girlfriends and boyfriends and enbyfriends to share informally their experience as teenagers or young adults on the world wide web.

Submissions can be in the form of a text narrative, illustration, interview, photography, audio/video, or anything else you think would be suitable. Performance art (audio, video, dance, instructional), whatever, we’ll figure out how to make work. Submissions featuring (or exclusively consisting of) primary sources are very very welcome!

Topics of consideration and points of inspiration may include, but are certainly not limited to:

Submission Outline

Submission Restrictions

Submission Conclusions

Accepted submissions will be delicately wrapped in code by hand, decorated (if applicable) as one would a physical zine, and released as volumes. If selected, you will be notified upon publishing and have the right to retract. You own the content.

Privacy: You can also submit anonymously or with a nom de plume. However, this makes things a little tricky when retaining ownership or if I need to ask you if everything is OK. You can either navigate this complexity via setting up privacy/security on your side, or by accepting that the things you submit without a return-to-sender will be accepted as open to a CC0 license.

Submission Deadlines

First come, first serve. Volumes are posted in chapters of six.


If you’d like, you can email ashley.blewer, courtesy of gmail. For private submissions in which we also do not know who sent this narrative, manage your security appropriately and reply via this form.